Volvic ‘Juiced’

With Danone Waters UK creating a brand new campaign to promote its latest drinks product, ‘Volvic Juiced’, an innovative and emotionally engaging piece of in-mall activity was required to bring their assets to life for consumers through both on and offline channels.


Teaming up with MEC, Kinetic Fuel, Frank PR and Grand Visual a comprehensive campaign concept was developed that would take full advantage of Limited Space’s digital showcase screen located in Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. The site was perfect for Danone to launch a new interactive game which turned the site into a giant interactive billboard, inviting passing shoppers to step up and ‘splat’ as many falling apples as possible within a 60 second time limit, with the ultimate goal being to fill an on screen Volvic bottle with apple juice in order to win prizes.


With Volvic brand ambassadors also on hand to distribute the rewards and free samples of the ‘Volvic Juiced’ drink, which were on display inside an integrated product display window, the campaign format enabled Danone to create a completely unique and engaging focal point within a ‘real-world’ setting.


The game proved to be extremely popular, entertaining thousands of shoppers and allowing them to get hands on with the Volvic brand. Over the two week period there were more than 6,000 game plays, whilst more than 8,800 members of the public stopped to sample the drink.



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